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SGIM General Contribution

The SGIM General Fund supports to the day-to-day operations of the Society. These important funds provide the Society an opportunity to grow through new ventures and innovations, and to support the critical work of our members. Your support will fund infrastructure growth, committee work, health advocacy and other important operational activities. 

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2016 Capital Campaign

Make a contribution to support SGIM's Capital Campaign which helped us to purchase additional space in Alexandria, VA and expand our national office.  

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ACLGIM Unified Leadership Training Program for Diversity (UNLTD)

Your donation will fund the forward-thinking UNLTD program which seeks to educate potential GIM leaders about diversity in the workforce and to promote and produce a more diverse leadership workforce in academic internal medicine. Specifically, your contribution will support ACLGIM Leadership Institute registration and mentorship for a fellow from an underrepresented background. This program provides unique leadership training and mentor opportunities to junior faculty with extraordinary leadership potential.

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SGIM Disparities Toolkit

This program facilitates the conduct of theoretically sound and actionable health disparitiies research by developing a toolkit of existing measures that assess the root causes of racial/ethnic disparities into a single document which can be easily accessed by researchers within and outside SGIM. 

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SGIM Distinguished Professor in Geriatrics

Your support will help sustain the Distinguished Professor in Geriatrics, which invites a renowned geriatrician to the SGIM annual meeting to present a plenary address, moderate geriatrics abstract sessions, lead a walking tour of geriatrics posters and facilitate career mentoring/meet-the-professor sessions.

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SGIM Regional Training Fund

Your support will be used to sponsor medical student involvement in SGIM Regional meetings and activities as well as Regional trainee engagement with the national organization.

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SGIM Women and Medicine Task Force Initiatives

The SGIM-Women and Medicine Task Force (WAMTF) promotes women's health as a generalist issue in clinical practice, research, and health policy.  We also support the career development of women physicians and of all physicians pursuing careers in women's health. 

The WAMTF sponsors the Distinguished Professor of Women and Medicine, the Women's Health abstract and workshop awards at SGIM Annual Meetings, and the Career Advising Program (CAP). CAP is a longitudinal mentoring program that connects female junior faculty with senior career Advisors within SGIM.  Advising focuses on topics related to academic promotion and advancement. 

Your donation will make it possible for us to sustain and advance the important work of the SGIM-WAMTF! 

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